Acme Studios — Nicholas Byrne & Anthea Hamilton

Supporting Artists since 1972

Nicholas Byrne & Anthea Hamilton

Nicholas Byrne makes composite images, painting and drawing on copper and linen. Scoring at the pigment for a glance at the surface underneath; his work incorporates the stopping and reactivation flows and fluxes, both representational and material. Byrne was born in Oldham in 1979.

Anthea Hamilton
works across sculpture, installation and performance. She is interested in the complexity of the ways we read and respond to images. This inter-disciplinary activity supported by thematic research and collaborative development. Hamilton was born in 1978 in London.

In 2009, Nicholas Byrne and Anthea Hamilton were invited to collaborate by Studio Voltaire and periodically have developed this work. Most recently in 2015, at The Schinkel Pavillon with an installation of large, free-standing, brightly-coloured inflatable sculptures. Giving spatial depth to images culled freely from sources ranging from art history, popular culture and the aesthetic of the souvenir.

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