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Tamsin Clark

Fire Station Residency

Tamsin Clark makes artist books and runs Tenderbooks; a book shop in central London.

She works collaboratively with Richard Bevan under the name ‘Setsuko’. The books are almost entirely composed of images found during long periods of research. Tamsin is interested in how carefully sequenced images tell stories. The form of the books is determined by their content and context; Setsuko Hara is the size of a pulp Japanese novel and is read right to left, A Zoo for Chris Marker replicates the exact shape and length of a 1950s French travel guide from where its images are sourced, Richard Gere Leaves Me Breathless is a remade press kit. The books usually relate to film, to its history and iconography, they function as objects, or perhaps as portable exhibition spaces.

Recent exhibitions and projects include Printed Matter ACE Air Residency; ‘Little Vehicle’, Obu City, Japan; White Cubicle, London; ‘Richard Gere Leaves Me Breathless’, Utrecht, Tokyo; ‘Chris Marker ‘A Grin Without A Cat’, Whitechapel Gallery, London.

Tamsin will use the Fire Station residency as time and space to realise her next publication. La Genèse will explore an unrealised project by the auteur filmmaker Robert Bresson to film the first eleven books of the Bible, from Adam and Eve to the Tower of Babel. The project was nurtured by Bresson for a period of 30 years beginning with a trip to Rome where, working with a team of gardeners, he sought to construct a Garden of Eden.

Fire Station Residency 2020-2025

The Fire Station Residency provides secure, practical, work/live studio space, and a programme of artist support and professional development for five years. Based in the heart of East London, the residency allows artists more time to concentrate on the development of their work and careers, and less time working to survive. Artists were selected by Anthea Hamilton, artist and current Acme work/live studio resident; Judith Carlton, Director of Southwark Park Galleries; Paul Bayley, Head of Residencies & Awards, Acme; and Charlie Coffey, Programme Manager, Residencies & Awards, Acme.