Acme Studios — Seth Guy

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Seth Guy

Fire Station Residency

Seth Guy appropriates, re-configures and juxtaposes materials to create playful performative works which explore the discourse between ear and eye. Influenced by experimental fiction, art, and music, Seth is interested in the intersections of shared language, memory and imagination, in which the acts of listening and visualising are investigated. Often collaborating and devising projects of a participatory and experiential nature, Seth makes both sonorous and visual art; work which is often humorous, and occasionally disquieting.

During his residency with Acme, Seth has developed research-led projects with a focus on sound, collaboration and participation. Seth is currently engaged in the editing, collating and research of a vast found archive of extraordinary images, texts, and audio of unknown origin which shall sustain his work for the foreseeable future.

Fire Station Residency 2015-2020
Acme's work/live programme at the Fire Station is one of the most directly supportive schemes for artists in the United Kingdom, providing combined studio and living space at low rents, as well as a half rent residency for a deaf or disabled artist. This five year fixed-term residency scheme is intended to allow artists more time to concentrate on the development of their work and professional careers, and less time working to survive. 2015-2020 residents were selected by former Acme Residency and Projects Manager Julia Lancaster, and artists and former Fire Station residents Erika Tan and Ben Cove.