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Sandra Lane

Camberwell Studio Award

Sandra Lane is a visual artist based in London. She looks for vulnerability and absurdity in simple shapes. The objects she creates are often the result of what a particular material can be made to do, such as a puddle of liquid set firm; but also taken to their limits until they teeter or crumble. She is fascinated in the shifting viewpoints of changes of gravity and scale and is influenced by the work of Franz West and Rose Wylie.

Sandra completed an MFA in Sculpture at the Slade School of Art and a BA in Fine Art Drawing at Camberwell College of Art, London. In 2017 she was awarded the Sidney Nolan Trust Residency, and the Acme Studio Award in 2013. Lane has exhibited at Copeland Gallery (London 2018), Roaming Projects, (London 2018), Kalmaket 8 (Amsterdam 2017), Collyer Bristow Gallery (London 2017), Hotel Elephant (London 2016).

Camberwell Studio Award

The Camberwell Studio Award was a partnership between Camberwell College of Art between 2011 - 2014. Aiming to provide a bridge between art school and professional practice, the award included a generous bursary, rent-free studio space and mentoring programme.