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Jan Jedlička

Landis & Gyr Stiftung Residency

Jan Jedlička is a Czech artist, living and working in Switzerland. Originally trained as a painter, he turned to photography late in his career. His paintings and photographs deal with the classical theme of landscape, searching for ways to depict the forces emanating from nature. Jan is inspired by the coastal landscape of Maremma in Southern Tuscany. In his square, wide-angle black-and-white photographs, he follows the traces of tourists and the forces of nature outside the high season, always moving away from any natural idyll. He collects earth and rocks in the Maremma and the surrounding area, which he grinds by hand into pigment in his studio and then sediments it on a canvas coated with Japanese paper.

Jedlička’s work has been exhibited at museums and galleries throughout Europe, including Kunstmuseum and Kunsthalle Winterthur, the National Gallery of Prague, CAMeC La Spezia, and the Josef Albers Museum, Bottrop. Steidl published his Il Cerchio (The Circle) in 2008.

Landis & Gyr Stiftung, Switzerland

The Landis & Gyr foundation awards studio scholarships to Swiss artists and cultural professionals in London, Budapest, Sofia and Zug. Its London-based residency partnership with Acme was established in 1987, and provides six month long work/live opportunities for ten Swiss artists per year. Artists are selected for the programme directly by Landis & Gyr Stiftung and must demonstrate a track record of achievement in their field. Over two hundred visual artists, curators, writers, musicians and composers have benefitted from the programme. Residencies are based in Stepney, E1 and are available to Swiss residents only

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