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Jan Hendrickse

Tower Hamlets Studio Residency

Jan Hendrickse is an artist with a diverse practice encompassing composition, sound art and improvisation. His work is concerned with exploring the impact of sound on physiological and psychological states, and the extent to which these effects are mediated by conscious attention and interaction. He has travelled widely, researching playing techniques from all over the world as well as making and adapting instruments for various performance situations.

Jan has performed or collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Ornette Coleman, Howard Shore, Nitin Sawhney, David Toop, Rhodri Davies and many leading orchestras and ensembles. His playing also features on a large number of film scores including The Lord of The Rings, The Passion of the Christ, Narnia, Apocalypto and many others.

Tower Hamlets Studio Residency

The Tower Hamlets Studio Residency was founded in 2009 and based at a new-build studio development in Leven Road, E14, consisting of 66 affordable housing units and 21 affordable studios. The project offered a rent-free studio worth £7,000 for two years plus a grant of £10,000 a year to an artist living or working in London.

The residency was an opportunity for an artist involved with socially-engaged practice to develop significant relationships, through their work, with local residents and the wider community. It also offered a significant financial and practical breathing space, allowing an artist to focus on the development of their practice.