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Hayley Newman

Fire Station Residency

Hayley Newman is a performance artist living and working in London. Through performances, interventions, music and texts, Hayley explores humour, subjecitivty and the line between documentary and fiction. As well as exhibiting in major institutions, such as the Tate modern, Ikon Gallery and Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève, she has made work for nightclubs, shops, trains, public demonstrations and concert halls.

Hayley is the author of the novella Common based on her experiences as a ‘Self-Appointed Artist in Residence’ in the City of London. The book documents the crash in the global markets, turbulence in the Eurozone and the riots that started in London but spread to the rest of Britain.

In 1994 she was awarded a DAAD scholarship and went to study with Marina Abramovic at the Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK) in Hamburg. In 2004-5 Hayley was the Helen Chadwick Fellow at the British School in Rome, and in 2016-7 she was the recipient of an Art360 award to organise her physical archives and digitise key works.

Fire Station Residency 2001-2005

Acme's residency at the Fire Station is one of the most directly supportive schemes for artists in the United Kingdom, providing combined studio and living space at low rents, as well as a half rent residency for a deaf or disabled artist. This five year fixed-term residency scheme is intended to allow artists more time to concentrate on the development of their work and professional careers, and less time working to survive. 2001-2005 residents were selected by Angela Kingston (curator), David Panton (Co founder of Acme), Damien Robinson (artist and administrator), and Lindsay Seers (artist).