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Géraldine Honauer

Aargauer Kuratorium Residency

Géraldine Honauer is an artist and curator based in Switzerland. Géraldine creates her site-specific installations by borrowing found objects and materials. The act of borrowing shifts the context of the object that enables her to question its value and transform its material language and function. The object's subjectivity is the artistic medium, which manifests as an economic system that the work interprets at the same time. During the residency, Geraldine's temporary studio will become the medium, which will be used for hybrid interventions.

Géraldine is a co-founding member of the artist run space, Palazzina in Basel. She was a guest judge for Auswahl20, Aargauer Kunstmuseum, and co-curator with Ines Tondar and Ines Goldbach of Regionale21, Kunsthaus Baselland. She was nominated for the 2020 Swiss Art Awards. Recent exhibitions include: Rue du Beulet, It almost felt like the voice of a close friend curated by Julie Marmet, Genf (2020); Kunsthaus Centre d‘art Pasquart, a temporary alliance, Biel (2021); Kunsthalle Basel, Eine Karte -35 +65 curated by Peter Pakesch, Basel (2020); Hans Erni Museum, Kunst-Stoff Plastik, Luzern (2020); Aargauer Kunsthaus, Auswahl19, Aarau (2019); Kunsthaus Langenthal, Cantonale, Langenthal (2017); Sonnenstube, there will be light, Lugano (2015); Fellowship Bewe Stiftung, Kunst15, Zürich (2015); Kunsthalle Mulhouse, Flumen, Mulhouse (2014).

Aargauer Kuratorium, Switzerland

Aargauer Kuratorium has worked in partnership with Acme to develop and provide a London-based artists' residency since 1999. Based in Bow, E3, the residency enables a wide spectrum of practitioners connected with the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland, to undertake two six month long work/live residencies per year. Artist application and selection are conducted directly by Aargauer Kuratorium.

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