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Eva Maria Gisler

Aargauer Kuratorium Residency

Eva Maria Gisler is a Swiss artist working in photography, sculpture and installation. In her process-based approach her key concerns are ephemeral states and the circle of construction and decay in architecture and nature. Within this field she is tackling the shift between the two and three-dimensional and the transient states of material and sequences of changeable constellations of objects and images with and within a given space in time.

Aargauer Kuratorium, Switzerland

Aargauer Kuratorium has worked in partnership with Acme to develop and provide a London-based artists' residency since 1999. Based in Bow, E3, the residency enables a wide spectrum of practitioners connected with the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland, to undertake two six month long work/live residencies per year. Artist application and selection are conducted directly by Aargauer Kuratorium.

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