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Andreas Marti

Aargauer Kuratorium Residency

Andreas Marti is an organist and choir director. He is the musical director of the Bernese Singstudenten and plays the harpsichord as a soloist, in chamber music ensembles and larger orchestral performances. Andreas studied music and theology at Bern Conservatory, University of Bern, where he received his doctorate in 1981. Previously he was the organist and choir leader of Thomaschor Köniz.

Andreas is the harpsichordist for Ensemble7, which performs frequently in the Bern region and occasionally in Berlin, Görlitz and Tübingen. He plays regular organ concerts in Köniz at the Reformed Church and Thomaskirche Liebefeld, and he has played in Payerne, Bellelay, Laupen, Mühleberg, Gerzensee, St. Antoni, Erlach, Sonnenorgel Görlitz, Potsdam, Elstra, Ascona, Grono, Berlin Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and Berlin Weissensee.

Aargauer Kuratorium, Switzerland

Aargauer Kuratorium has worked in partnership with Acme to develop and provide a London-based artists' residency since 1999. Based in Bow, E3, the residency enables a wide spectrum of practitioners connected with the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland, to undertake two six month long work/live residencies per year. Artist application and selection are conducted directly by Aargauer Kuratorium.

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