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AL and AL

Sugarhouse Work/Live Residency Programme

AL and AL are British filmmakers and visual artists. Al Holmes and Al Taylor have worked together under this name since 2001. Known for their surrealist films, they combine live action performance with computer generated environments to create dreamlike cinematic worlds and installations.

The pair have received commissions from various arts and media organisations, such as the Arts Council England, the British Film Institute, Channel 4, Cornerhouse Cinema, FACT, the Museum of Modern Art Antwerp and the World Science Festival. In 2010 AL and AL collaborated with the composer Philip Glass, physicist Brian Greene and playwright David Henry Hwang on the multimedia work Icarus at the Edge of Time. At its premiere in the Lincoln Centre, Icarus was introduced by the physicist Stephen Hawking. The work then toured numerous concert halls and museums, including the Baltimore Symphony, Royal Festival Hall and the Guggenheim in New York.

Sugarhouse Work/Live Residency Programme
Based on the model of the Fire Station programme, the Sugarhouse Work/Live Residency Programme was designed in response to the lack of affordable space in London for artists to work and live in. The project was developed in partnership with Solon Co-operative Housing Services and the Boss Group and received funding from the Housing Corporation and Stratford Development Partnership.