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#24 Orsman Road studio buildings

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Acme’s studio building on Orsman Road was the third large studio building (following Acre Lane and Robinson Road) managed by Acme. The building was originally built as a factory for John Players Cigarettes, the twin to a factory in Glasgow, since demolished. Following its use as a factory, the building was home for many years to Research Engineers Ltd. Traces of this past life can be seen in historic signage on the building.

Acme originally leased the top two floors of the complex in 1983, providing 28 studios. In 1999, Acme were offered the option to purchase the whole site and Research Engineers moved out. Following the purchase, Acme embarked on two development projects. A section of the building was converted into 8 separate units, providing working space on the ground floor and living space on the upper floor. The designs by Robert Barnes Architects attracted attention from the architectural press at the time. These units were sold, providing additional funding for development of studio accommodation, with Acme acting as managing agents. The other aspect of the development work was to convert the remainder of the complex, providing an additional 18 studios. In press releases for the subsequent Matchmakers Wharf development, it was noted that the Orsman Road was the only permanent studio building within the London Borough of Hackney.