Acme Studios — #41 Liang-Jung Chen, Work/live 2023-25

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#41 Liang-Jung Chen, Work/live 2023-25

50 opportunities for 50 years

“I have always shared studio spaces with others and had to move frequently. For better or for worse, being a nomad for several years has had an irreversible impact on my practice as I tended to make work on smaller scales and to employ materials that are lightweight. Today, with my own space for a guaranteed period of time, I am able to expand my practice in a more radical way and to push my work towards a more ambitious scale.”

Liang-Jung Chen is an artist working across drawing, object, installation and performance. With a strong interest in Material Culture, her practice investigates the usage, consumption, creation, and trade of artefacts as well as the behaviours, norms, and rituals that the artefacts take part in. Intrigued by tensions and politics embedded in everyday scenarios, each series of her work scrutinises a specific interaction between a daily object and its user.

Liang-Jung recently moved into an Acme work/live studios on a two-year lease.

Acme’s work/live studios aim to provide artists with well-designed, safe, practical workspace and auxiliary living space for a stable, low rent. Artists are selected through application and allocated a studio for a fixed term and rent.

These unique opportunities aim to improve artists’ circumstances by targeting artists with a practical need for better suited space, while also increasing their time to make work.

“I have always enjoyed living and working in the same space that allows my private and professional lives to shape and inspire each other in unexpected ways. I also love hosting communal meals in the studio where people exchange ideas on everything. This way of existing is an art form in itself.” Liang-Jung Chen

Liang-Jung is busy preparing work for exhibitions in Europe; “They will be on the scale that I have never worked before so it's perfect timing that I moved into the studio of my own to experiment and to prototype the installations freely.”