Acme Studios — #38 Tiz Creel, Reality is just a Design

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#38 Tiz Creel, Reality is just a Design

50 opportunities for 50 years

As part of Acme's 50th anniversary, we commissioned artist and educator, Tiz Creel, for a digital project to accompany our hosting of the 2023 Res Artis conference, Mind the Gap: Designing residencies for everyone.

Reality is just a design

From the starving artists to the lone genius, we will explore some oddities, dilemmas, social rules and questions in this strange field. This conversation will invite you to rethink your assumptions about art and its role in society, rethink the narratives we validate daily, how we relate to each other as a community, and our role in the cultural wars. Social, political and economic approaches need the context of culture to validate their role and purpose; culture is the creation of the future.

Everything we live by was designed, and it can be re-designed.

Change the narrative to change the rules.

This talk was made in conjunction with the work Magic Circle, an experiment to capture the sentiment & underlying meaning of art and its playground called the art world. The experiment is a public inquiry, a poll/survey in the form of a chatbot. The inquiry is not seeking truths but thoughts, perspectives and desires. Some questions may seem subjective and ambiguous; it’s by design.

Tiz Creel

Tiz Creel
is an artist from Mexico City currently based in London. Her practice is influenced by play, spontaneity and gaming, as forms contingent on relations between people. In 2019 she completed an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University (London) as well as a residency at the School of Visual Arts in 2016 (New York), and she holds an undergraduate degree in Communications from Universidad Iberoamericana 2015 (Mexico City). She has exhibited in the United Kingdom with Arebyte (Homepage Art Fair, 2021), SEAGER (Touch Base, 2020); Harddisk Museum (Nevermind Today, 2020); Division of Labour (Soft Display, 2020); Pitt Studio (Heavy Duty Paper, 2020); Chalton Gallery (The Omen, 2020); Residency Gallery (The Correspondence, 2020) and Camden People’s Theatre (Robots, 2019) as well as internationally in Galerija Mocvara (Zagreb), (Toronto), Parsec (Bolognia), Linea Festival & Ampudia Centre for Art and Technology (Ruvo di Puglia), The Museum of Non-Conformist Art (St. Petersburg), Museo Tamayo (Mexico City), Museo Nacional de Arte (Mexico City) and Museo Regional de Cholula (Puebla). Recent commissions include the London Mural Festival (2020), Deptford X Arts Festival (2019, Play-Co (2019), Knudepunkt (2019).