Acme Studios — #35 Lorenz Langenegger, 2023 Landis & Gyr Stiftung Residency

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#35 Lorenz Langenegger, 2023 Landis & Gyr Stiftung Residency

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“Writing prose needs a lot of time but there is normally not much potential to earn with it (except if you write a bestseller – I still try…) so a residency like Landis & Gyr gives me the opportunity to write a novel for half a year without thinking about my income.”

Lorenz Langenegger is a Swiss writer of novels, plays and filmscripts. With his play Rakows Dom he was awarded by the Schaubühne Berlin and invited to the International Residency at the Royal Court. He started as a playwright in the early 2000’s and has published five novels.

Lorenz is one of ten recipients of the Landis & Gyr studio scholarships in London. The Landis & Gyr foundation awards studio scholarships to Swiss artists and cultural professionals in London, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia and Zug.

Its London-based residency partnership with Acme was established in 1987 and provides three to six month long work/live opportunities for about ten Swiss artists per year.

I’ve been a writer for twenty years now. I appreciate very much that Landis & Gyr is supporting established artists as well. The decades between “new, young and wild” and “lifetime achievement award“ can be long and hard…”

Lorenz prefers to write at home rather than public spaces like cafes or libraries, so the work/live studio with Acme suits his process. He intends to spend his time in London writing.

“I try to write as much as I can! I have different ideas and I have to find out which one is the best, some great ideas are just for a short story, others aren’t as great as you think; to find out I have to write.”