Acme Studios — #20 Emma Todd, Associate Studio Programme

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#20 Emma Todd, Associate Studio Programme

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"I have the space physically and mentally to realise ideas and projects, connect with other emerging artists to share experience and knowledge through crits and tutorials that help develop my practice.”

Emma Todd’s practice explores questions of mixed cultural heritage, indigenous knowledge and the idea of ‘returning to our roots’. Emma employs these perspectives to comment on anthropocentric codifications of nature, using natural dyes, recycled textiles, painting, and sculpture.

Emma is one of 25 artists selected from the Associate Studio Programme. Developed in 2010 out of a partnership between Acme and Double agents, a research project based at Central Saint Martins, the Associate Studio Programme provides low-cost professional space for graduates from University of the Arts BA Fine Art course for 2 years and a programme of studio visits by artists, curators, writers and peers.

“This is a very valuable opportunity, and I feel very privileged as a recent graduate to have a studio with Acme, which ensures I can keep making and developing my work and to be connected to a great supportive, artistic community. “

Emma Todd

Emma plans to spend her time in the studio creating a new body of work, employing different found, recycled and natural materials. She appreciates having a safe space within an artistic environment where she can share different resources and materials within a community.

“It feels like the best transition space from coming out of education, to get an affordable studio, to have this independence to continuing exploring whilst also having mentoring and artist and curator visits within its structure to expand our networks. “