Acme Studios — #12 Anna Kostritskaya, 2022/23 Artists at Risk (AR) Residency

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#12 Anna Kostritskaya, 2022/23 Artists at Risk (AR) Residency

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“It was a safe harbour where, for the first time since the war, I felt fully immersed in my own space. Despite being far away from home, I felt a deep sense of belonging and comfort. The space provided a sense of home.”

Anna Kostritskaya is a Ukrainian painter working between abstraction and figurative art. Anna is Acme’s first Artists at Risk (AR) resident - a 12-month residency in a work/live studio provided by a partnership between Artists at Risk (AR), The Ukrainian Institute London and Acme. The Artists at Risk residency provides relocation assistance to artists and cultural workers fleeing conflict.

“It has taken a year for me to fully comprehend the immense significance of the Artists at Risk residency in my artistic journey and the invaluable contributions it has made. The residency provided a wonderful atmosphere where I could continue to develop my artistic skills, make radical changes, and experiment with new techniques.” Anna Kostritskaya

Anna is an art historian and “someone who grew up in a family of artists”. Through her artistic development, she has “experimented extensively with volumes and textures in my works, seeking to convey deeper emotional meaning and connect with my audience on a personal level.”

Anna continues to perfect a new series of works in her studio, as well as familiarising herself with the London art scene.

“Thanks to the resources and opportunities afforded by the residency, doors to the London art scene are opening up for me. I have received several proposals for cooperation with galleries, and I am excited to explore these avenues of collaboration further. Overall, I am deeply grateful for the experience and for the profound impact, it has had on my artistic development.”